IELTS Exam Syllabus 2020 – Check Section Wise Syllabus

IELTS Exam Syllabus 2020 /After the completion of your IELTS exam, you will receive IELTS scores for each for the four sections on a band of 1 – 9. Along with that, you will also get an overall band score. See the scoring pattern below to understand how your IELTS score will be calculated.

If you have appeared for the computer-delivered IELTS test, you will get your IELTS result online within 5 to 7 days and if you have appeared for paper-based IELTS you have to wait for 13 calendar days to view your IELTS result online from the test date. IELTS result remains online for only  28 days. IELTS results are divided on the 9 level IELTS band scores system, so there is no pass and fail system in it. Each institute or organization specifies its individual level of IELTS results to meet its individual requirement. The IELTS 9 scoring system reports test scores of each candidate.


Skill Level


Band 9

Expert user

Has fully operational command of the language

Band 8

Very good user

Fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies

Band 7

Good user

Has operational command of the language, though with occasional inaccuracies and misunderstandings in some situations

Band 6

Competent user

Can use and understand fairly complex language, particularly in familiar situations

Band 5

Modest user

Has partial command of the language, coping with overall meaning in most situations, though is likely to make many mistakes

Band 4

Limited user

Have frequent problems in understanding and expression. Is not able to use complex language

Band 3

Extremely limited user

Conveys and understands only general meaning in very familiar situations. Frequent breakdowns occur in communication

Band 2

Intermittent user

Has great difficulty understanding spoken and written English

Band 1


Essentially has no ability to use the language beyond possibly a few isolated words

Band 0

Did not attempt the test

No assessable information provided

IELTS Result

After you are done with your IELTS exam, your result will be available after 13 days from test date. The result will be issued in Test Report Form (TRF) format, and you will receive only one TRF. The TRF shows your scores in all four section reading, listening, writing and speaking, along with your overall band. All five scores are given on a 9-Band scale.

Requirements to view IELTS result 

You will need your ID number, which must be same as you used before while booking your IELTS TEST or passport and your candidate number.

To check your IELTS Result follow the steps detailed below :

  • Visit the official British Council IELTS website to check IELTS result online.
  • Next, you have to Click on ‘’Take an exam’’ option under which you have to click ‘IELTS’’
  •  Next, you will find an option of ‘’Your Results’’, on the right-hand side of the page, click on it.
  • On the next page, you will have to select ‘’Preview your IELTS result online’’ option. Before you click that, make sure you go through the information shared on the page.
  • When you click ‘Preview your IELTS result online’, you will have to fill the details of the test date, date of birth, identification document number and candidate number and then click on the ‘’Find’’ option.
  • As another option or possibility, you can prefer the other way: you can collect your IELTS result from the test centre. You can check your IELTS result at the centre itself by giving your password or ID number you used while registration of the exam.


The table below shows how IELTS result scores are calculated and converted into band scores.

IELTS Listening score

Correct Answers Scored Bands
13-15 4.5
16-17 5
18-22 5.5
23-25 6
26-29 6.5
30-31 7
32-34 7.5
35-36 8
37-38 8.5
39-40 9

IELTS Reading Academic Score

Correct Answers Scored Bands
13-14 4.5
15-18 5
19-22 5.5
23-26 6
27-29 6.5
30-32 7
33-34 7.5
35-36 8
37-38 8.5
39-40 9

IELTS General Reading

Correct Answers Scored Bands
19-22 4.5
23-26 5
27-29 5.5
31-32 6
32-33 6.5
34-35 7
36 7.5
37-38 8
39 8.5
40 9

The validity of IELTS results :

The candidate who has received the IELTS result can use it for a period of 2 years after the test, as it expires after the given period and loses its validity.

Apply for a Re-score of your IELTS result

If you are not satisfied with your IELTS result you received, you can apply for a remark of your score using a service known as Enquiry on Results (EOR). It should be requested within six weeks of sitting your test, with your Test Centre. An Enquiry on Results (EOR) demands some enquiry fee, which is fully refunded if your band score of IELTS result changes. Your changed IELTS result will generally be available within 21 days, depending on numerous elements including the number of sections applied for re-marking.

To receive a copy of IELTS results

After giving your  IELTS, you will be presented with your IELTS result in the Test Report Form (TRF). If this IELTS result is lost or damaged you have an option of replacement. To get a copy of your TRF, you will need to communicate with the centre where you have given your test. You must request them in writing by providing a copy of the ID document you used on the test day. You can contact them for additional copies to be sent to recognizing institutions. For providing this service, your centre may charge some administration fee.

Provisional Online Result

You will be able to view your provisional result online after 13 days of your test. The provisional test results are not formal results, and printed copies or screenshots of the result page will not be accepted as your IELTS result. You will have to wait for your TRF to be mailed to get the format scores. Provisional result will be available to view online only for 28 days.

Get IELTS Results through SMS

Candidates can also check their IELTS test score through SMS by sending the below-mentioned code to 9289892898 after 12.00 noon on the days of the result.

RESULTCandidate No.Passport No.

Test Report Form (TRF)

There are two kinds of test reports:

  • Personal Test Report Form
  • Institutional Test Report Form

Personal Test Report Form

Candidates will receive a Test Report Form (TRF) that will report a score for each of the four skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking), as well as an overall band score. Also, it is important to keep the copy of the Test Report Form safe as candidates won’t receive it another one. The students will receive TRF scorecard through Courier/ Speed post. Students get the tracking number through SMS once it is out for delivery. It can take up to 10 days to receive the scores from the date of the declaration of the result.

Institutional Test Report Form

While registering for the IELTS exam, students have the option to send the Score Report up to five colleges/universities for free. Also, students can also request for more Score Reports other than the five free Score Reports which they booked at the time of registration. For this, students need to fill the Additional Test Report Form and give proper addresses of the colleges/universities where they want to apply. The Additional Test Reports will be sent directly to the colleges or universities asked by the candidate.

Apart from this, candidates can also opt for paid services for sending additional score reports to the universities anytime during the validity of the Test Report Form. Score reports can be transmitted through the following modes:

  • Electronic: Candidates are charged INR 250 per University. The universities/institutions that have subscribed to electronic download of scores (STED RO) will get the results electronically.
  • International Courier: Candidates have to pay INR 1250 per address. Generally, the courier service takes approximately 4 days to deliver the score report to a university. The tracking number is shared with the candidates through SMS.
  • By Post: Candidates need to pay INR 250 per address. It takes approximately two weeks to deliver the score report through Air Mail. Further, the tracking number is not shared for this service.

How to calculate IELTS score?

To calculate your IELTS score you just need to simply take out the mean (average) of all the sections’ score, namely, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. That is the sum of all the scores divided by four. If average comes out in a decimal point, then it will be rounded off to the nearest half or whole band. For instance, if the average comes out in .25, then it is rounded up to the next half band. So, in this case, if your average score is 6.25, then the final score will be counted as 6.5. In other cases where the average is .75, then it will be rounded off to the next whole band. Therefore, if you get a 6.75 band, the final score will be taken as 7.

Enquiry on Result

Enquiry on Result (EoR) means having your IELTS test re-marked. For that, EoR must be applied within 6 weeks of the test date. You can choose to remark only one section or all of the sections. You must download and complete the EoR form, submit your original TRF and pay an enquiry fee. The whole process of getting scores re-marked will take additional 6-8 weeks to process

Note that if your result ends up getting marked upward, you will receive a full refund of the enquiry fee and a new TRF. You can apply for five extra copies of the TRF to be sent to receiving college/universities free of charge. But if your result remains unchanged, no refund will be issued.

Check IELTS Result

  • Candidates can check their IELTS result published by British Council on their official website.
  • Candidates can check their IELTS result published by IDP IELTS Australia on their official website.

It is always advisable to consult experts while planning to move study abroad for pursuing higher studies.


Why do we have two formats of IELTS?

  • IELTS has two versions – Academic and General Training. The Academic test is for those who want to study at a tertiary level in an English-speaking country. The General Training test is for those who want to do work experience or training programs, secondary school or migrate to an English-speaking country. All candidates take the same Listening and Speaking tests but different Reading and Writing tests

How do I know which should I take?

  • Read the explanation of the Academic and General Training tests and contact the organization or institution to which you are applying to find out what it requires. Note that you must know which version to take when you complete the IELTS Application Form.

How long is the test?

  • The total duration is 2 hours 45 minutes. The Listening, Reading and Writing tests are done in one sitting. The Speaking test may be on the same day or up to seven days before or after the other tests.

How much does the test cost?

  • The registration fee for the IELTS stands at INR 12,650* with effect from 01 April, 2018.

When will I receive my test results?

  • Your Test Report Form will be posted to you 13 calendar days after your test date. All test centers will post your Test Report Form to you. Keep your Test Report Form in a secure place as you only receive one copy. Some test centers provide SMS alerts and an online results service.

How long are IELTS scores valid?

  • IELTS scores are valid for 2 years.

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